Nuevo tráiler y posters de la tercera temporada de ‘Killjoys’


La serie de Syfy, Killjoys ha lanzado un nuevo tráiler junto con una serie de posters para su tercera temporada ante su regreso a finales de mes.

La segunda temporada acabó con Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) haciendo un llamamiento a la guerra para vengar las muertes de Khlyen y Pawter, y con Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) acompañado por Clara (Stephanie Leonidas) siendo incapaz de contarle a Dutch y su hermano D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane) que él mató a Delle Seyah.

La tercera temporada promete seguir la historia de la hija de Khylen en su primer encuentro con Dutch y a Johnny tratando de superar lo que hizo para unirse de nuevo a D’Avin y Dutch para tratar de salvar el mundo.

La tercera temporada de Killjoys se estrena el 30 de junio.

‘Killjoys’ is coming back to SyFy at the end of June


One of the great aspects of summer for the past two years has been the fact that the SyFy Channel has run that great Canadian space opera, “Killjoys.” This year promises to be no exception, as the show returns for its third season on #June 30. The teaser trailer promises banter violence, intense heat, and unnecessary nudity as our heroes pursue the coolest job in the universe.

The coolest job in the universe

Killjoys” depicts the adventures of three outer space bounty hunters, including two hunky brothers named D’avin and Johnny and the bodacious and lethal Dutch who spend their time reclaiming people, mainly escaped criminals, and lost or stolen objects for various clients in a region of space called the Quad.

On the side, they fight, quip, and blow things up to #Save The World from a shadowy conspiracy. Officially they are supposed to be neutral and not be beholden to any government or political faction, but when evil threatens everything they love, they have a tendency to take sides regardless.

The show is part of the revival of the space opera that the SyFy Channelhas helped to foster. The revival started when the “Stargate” franchise moved from pay cable and expanded into three series and several made for television movies. The reboot of the 1970s classic “Battlestar Galactica” cast what was a light series into a darker atmosphere when the rag-tag fugitive fleet fled from the Cylon Empire. Besides “Killjoys,” Syfy is running “Dark Matter,” another Canadian import, and “The Expanse,” aninterplanetary epic on the scale of “Game of Thrones” based on a popular book series.

What is going to happen in season three?

When we last saw our intrepid heroes, they saved the world but at the cost of the lives of two friends, Pawter (a doctor, and Johnny’s girlfriend), and Khylen, Dutch’s old mentor. Season two ended with Johnny heading out for some payback for Pawter with Clara, a cyborg with a gun arm she calls Alice, and Dutch and D’avin declaring war against the conspiracy that took Khylen’s life, and the lives of almost everyone else as well. However, it looks like Dutch’s clone, Aneela, is hot on their trail. Also slated to return for more fun and action among the stars is Pree, the swishy former overlord and bar owner, Turin, the Killjoys’ boss, and perhaps Fancy Lee, a level five #Killjoy. It looks like it’s time to save the world once again, and Friday nights will be a time to stay home — away from the heat — and watch some television.

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5 Reasons The New Killjoys Poster Has Us Pumped For Season 3


 Returns June 30

Ahead of it’s Season 3 Space premiere on June 30, Killjoys has released some kick-ass new artwork to celebrate the launch. No surprise: it’s awesome. It features intergalactic bounty hunters Dutch, John, and D’avin along with what might prove to be the most formidable nemesis the trio’s ever taken on: Dutch’s double, Aneela.

Here’s why it’s got us psyched for the new season:

1. It looks like a poster for a Star Wars spinoff

Which is a nice coincidence (or a purposeful homage) considering that Killjoys star Hannah John-Kamen had a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (She’ll also be starring alongside Alicia Vikander in 2018’s Tomb Raider reboot.)

2. We can stare at Aneela for as long as we like

There’s been talk about Dutch’s doppleganger since forever but we got only the briefest glimpse at her in Season 2’s ‘How To Kill Friends and Influence People’. This is our first real opportunity to look into the character’s eyes and try to figure out just how evil she is.

3. All three Killjoys, present and accounted for

Despite Johnny’s departure for unknown parts of the Quad and beyond at the end of Season 2, this poster is proof enough that he’ll be rejoining the team in the upcoming episodes.

4. So much green plasma

Johnny, Dutch, and D’avin seem to be standing in a sea of it. Does this mean we’ll get to see D’av dunked in the stuff again? Kidding. But we do want to find out how it’s connected to the fate of the Quad.

5. Lucy!

Our fave talking spaceship is back for another season of sarcasm, insubordination, and saving everyone’s butt whenever things begin to look really bad.

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KILLJOYS exclusive artwork revealed in advance of Season 3 premiere Friday June 30.


In anticipation of the return of Space’s highest-rated original series KILLJOYS, exclusive Season 3 artwork was revealed today. The image features the heroic intergalactic bounty hunters, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), D’avin (Luke Macfarlane), and Johnny (Aaron Ashmore)  suited for battle, along with their nemesis, Dutch’s Hullen doppelganger, Aneela (John-Kamen) in the green plasma’s reflection.

Season 3 of KILLJOYS returns Fridays, at 8 p.m. ET beginning June 30. Season 1 and 2 are available now on CraveTV.

For access to the first two episodes of Season 3, the KILLJOYS press kit, new images, and more, click here; and to access high resolution images, bios, and episode synopses throughout the season click here.

In the season opener “Boondoggie” (Friday, June 30 at 8 p.m. ET on Space), as war looms over the J Star System, the Quad’s surviving Hullen have gone into hiding, but Dutch and D’avin have a clever plan to draw them out. Far away on the fringes of the J Star System, Johnny begins a desperate hunt of his own for Clara, who is missing in the notorious Rat City. With few clues and less time, John goes deep undercover in the Hackmod (humans with cybernetic implants) world, chasing Clara’s trail with an unlikely new ally.

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Killjoys Interview: The 3 Stars Tell Us What’s Next For D’avin, Dutch, And John


 Returns June 30

During our recent visit to the set of Killjoys, stars Aaron Ashmore (John), Hannah John-Kamen (Dutch), and Luke Macfarlane (D’avin) sat down to offer a sense of where their characters find themselves in Season 3. While they offered several intriguing details about the episodes ahead, all the comments below are spoiler-free—and guaranteed to peak your curiosity about their upcoming adventures.

AARON ASHMORE: One of the interesting things about starting the third season is that there are two storylines. D’avin and Dutch are one storyline, and John is off finding himself, doing some things. It’s sort of different from the other two seasons, where we’re always together. There’s a little bit of branching out, which I think is sort of different and will allow all of us to do some new things.

HANNAH JOHN-KAMEN: We all have our own adventures and our own path. It’s also the introduction of the character Aneela, who is Khlyen’s daughter, so we will also be exploring that world.

LUKE MACFARLANE: D’avin continues to sort of play better with others much more than the first season. As John is on his walkabout, we are getting along really well as team members. The big question for him is we know that he has these sort of magical powers—for lack of a better term—so we’re going to continue to learn more about that.

AA: If you remember, John sort of left on… not a great note. His girlfriend was murdered. A bit of a low point for John there and then he sort of takes his revenge and then is off. A big part for John is dealing with that, dealing with the death of Pawter, but then his actions, reconciling those actions, and how he fits back into the team—because I think he’s changed a little bit.

HJK: Dutch lost Khlyen in the last season and everything she thought she knew was completely destroyed in that moment. The discovery of Aneela and the job that has to be done—Dutch is seeing red and I think the war is on.

AA: Our dynamic is still our dynamic, but I think one of the interesting things about the show is we’re always kind of playing with the dynamics of the trio. The core of it stays the same, but there’s always a little bit of dancing around and trying to figure out how we all fit together. It’s part of what makes Killjoys original.

LM: To be part of something truly original is really rewarding. When I tell people, ‘Oh, I’m doing this sci-fi show,’ the immediate question is, ‘Oh, what’s it based on?’ So much of the material that’s coming out right now is coming from a sort of history, maybe a comic book. That’s wonderful and that’s what is required nowadays, but we get to make up the rules as we go and I wish there was more space for that on the market because it expands us all, as both creators and viewers.

AA: As far as the future goes, five seasons and a movie, right? That’s what you want. But yeah, I hope that people will remember it fondly because I think we’re all really proud of it. We all really enjoy it. The idea of it ending is really a bummer, not just for the show, but we get along so well. That’s really sad to think about, but yeah, I hope people walk away having had fun and really enjoying it and just remembering it fondly, the way we will.

Killjoys returns to Space June 30 at 8pm ET.

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[PHOTO GALLERY] Photos from “Killjoys” season 3

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Killjoys Season 3 Welcomes Far-Out New Cast Members


Returns June 30

Basics are so 2016. The new season of Killjoys will add more Hackmods to its core cast of intergalactic-bounty-hunters-turned-Quad-crusaders. What’s a Hackmod you ask? Remember Johnny’s über-rad new space road trip pal with the machine gun arm, Clara? That’s a Hackmod. Everyone else is a basic.

This season, our trio will be joined by international bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta who’ll take on the role of Niko, “a lethal Hackmod surgeon with killer legs and a secret crusade.” Whoa, sounds like Johnny might have a NEW crush. Modesta’s viral smash hit, “Prototype,” will also be featured in the episode.

“I’m a huge fan of Viktoria’s work and was blown away by her performance,” says Killjoys showrunner Michelle Lovretta. “I could not dream of anyone better to bring gorgeous Niko to life.”

Also getting in on the Hackmod action are Bitten’s Tommie-Amber Pirie and Hemlock Grove’s Emily Piggford as Clara’s associates, Ollie and Yoki. Prince Amponsah (The Entertainer) will play Rat City Hacksaw Bar owner, Havigan. Sean Fowler takes the role of Cutter, a Hackmodding technician with an extremely apt name.

Introduced in Season 2, the Hackmods are humans with cybernetic implants who were enslaved and modded in a black market workshop known as The Factory and sold to the highest bidder. Some Hackmods have managed to escape their owners and eke out a life of their own in Rat City, a neutral zone situated at the far end of the J Star System, where Hackmods have one another’s backs and ‘Basics’ (unmodded humans), dare not tread.

Killjoys reenters the Space atmosphere Friday, June 30 at 8pm ET, with catch-up episodes streaming right here on and Space GO. Season 1 is currently on CraveTV, and Season 2 will be available May 19.

You can watch the Season 3 sneak peek here, and check out a smattering of first-look Season 3 photos below. Each episodic image offers clues to what unfolds in the much-anticipated return of Space’s most-watched original series.

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Killjoys Saison 3 nous invite à joindre le combat dans son teaser


Syfy nous a récemment révélé son programme estival, parmi lequel on retrouve bien évidemment la troisième saison de Killjoys. Nous sommes maintenant à moins de deux mois de son lancement et la chaine canadienne Space (qui diffuse la série) commence ainsi la promotion avec un teaser.

La création de Michelle Lovretta nous propose 10 nouveaux épisodes où notre trio phare va devoir se construire une armée pour mieux faire face à Aneela qui compte bien obtenir vengeance.

Les premières images nous annoncent ainsi plus qu’une bataille, mais une guerre où les chasseurs de primes ne vont pas pouvoir conserver leur position neutre.

Hannah John-Kamen (Dutch), Aaron Ashmore (John Jaqobis) et Luke Macfarlane (D’Avin) sont bien évidemment de retour dans ces nouveaux épisodes de Killjoys, comme Thom Allison (Pree), Sean Baek (Fancy) et Patrick Garrow (officer Turin).

La distribution de la série est alors complétée par Kelly McCormack (Motive) dans la peau de Banyon, un membre officiel et haut placé du RAC ; Ted Atherton (The Expanse) qui incarne Gander, un lieutenant sous les ordres d’Aneela ; et Prince Amponsah (The Entertainer) qui joue Havigan, le propriétaire respecté d’un bar pour hack-mod (personne modifiée avec des implants cybernétiques).

La saison 3 de Killjoys commence le 9 juin 2017 sur Syfy. En attendant les nouveaux épisodes, vous pouvez redécouvrir la première saison qui est disponible en DVD/Blu-ray.

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