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2022 – PLATONIC, Charlie [tv series]

2016 2017 – MERCY STREET, Chaplain Henry Hopkins [tv series, main cast, season 1 (6 episodes), season 2]

2015 – SUPERGIRL, Agent Donovan, [tv series, recurring, 2 episodes: 1×06 “Red Faced” and 1×07 “Human for a Day”]

2015 – 2019 – KILLJOYS, D’Avin Jaqobis [tv series, main cast, season 1 (10 episodes), season 2 (10 episodes), season 3 (10 episodes), season 4 and season 5]

2014 – 2017 – THE NIGHT SHIFT, Rick Lincoln [tv series, reccurring, 5 episodes:  1×02 “Second Chances”, 1×06 “Coming Home”, 2×04 “Shock to the Heart”,  2×10 “Aftermath”, 2×13 “Sunrise Sunset”, 2×14 “Darkest Before Dawn”, 3×10 “Between a Rock and a Hard Place“, 3×13 “Burned”, 4×05 “Turbulence”, 4×08 “R3b0ot”, 4×10 “Resurgence”. We can see Luke’s pics on episode 1×02 “Second Chances”]

2013 – SATISFACTION, Jason Howell [tv series, main cast, 13 episodes]

2013 – SMASH, Patrick Dillon [tv series, recurring, 2 episodes: 2×16 “The Nominations” and 2×17 “The Tonys”]

2013 – PERSON OF INTEREST, Agent Alan Fahey [tv series, 1 episode: 2×17 “Proteus”]

2012 – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Phillippe Bertrand [tv series, 1 episode: 1×02 “Proceed with Caution”]

2009IRON ROAD, James Nichol [tv mini-series, main cast, 2 episodes]

2007 SUPREME COURTSHIPS, Allen Moore [tv series, pilot]

2006 – 2011BROTHERS & SISTERS, Scotty Wandell [tv series, recurring in seasons 1 and 2, main cast in seasons 3, 4 and 5, 81 episodes]

2005OVER THERE, Pvt. Frank ‘Dim’ Dumphy [tv series, main cast, 13 episodes]

2004TANNER ON TANNER, Stuart DeBarge [tv mini-series, 4 episodes: 1×01 “Dinner at Elaine’s”, 1×02 “Boston or Bust”, 1×03 “Alex in Wonderland”, 1×04 “The Awful Truth”]



2022 – LONE STAR BULL, Bull Jackson [movie, main character]
2022 – A MAGICAL CHRISTMAS VILLAGE, Ryan [TV movie, main character]
2022 – BROS, Aaron [movie, main character]

2022 – MORIAH’S LIGHTHOUSE, Ben McCane [TV movie, main character]

2021 – SINGLE ALL THE WAY, James [tv movie]

2021 – CHRISTMAS IN MY HEART, Sean Grant [tv movie, main character]

2021 – TAKING A SHOT AT LOVE, Ryan [tv movie, main character]

2020 – CHATEAU CHRISTMAS, Jackson [tv movie, main character]

2020 – A VALENTINE’S MATCH, Zach Williams [tv movie, main character]

2019 – SENSE, SENSIBILITY & SNOWMEN, Edward Ferris [tv movie, main character]

2019 – JUST ADD ROMANCE, Jason Tucker [tv movie, main character]

2018 – A SHOE ADDICT’S CHRISTMAS, Jake Marsden [tv movie, main character]

2017 – MAGGIE’S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE,  Casey Cummins [tv movie, main character]

2017 – ROCK PAPER DEAD,  Peter Harris [movie, main character]

2017 – THE BIRTHDAY WISH, Dave McKinley [tv movie, main character]

2016 – THE MISTLETOE PROMISE, Nicholas Derr [tv movie, main character]

2015 – CHRISTMAS LAND, Tucker Martin [tv movie, main character]

2014 – THE MEMORY BOOK, Gabe [tv movie, main character]

2013 – ERECTION, Dean [short, main character]

2006TRAPPED ASHES, Vincent

2006RECALLED, Lieutenant Sefton [short]

2004 – KINSEY, Bruce Kinsey



2017 – BIG NIGHT, Austin, from 10th September to 8th October 2017 at Kirk Douglas Theatre, Los Angeles

2015 – REVERBERATION, Jonathan, from 19th February 2015 to 15th March 2015 at Hartford Stage, Hartfors, CT.

2012 – THE NORMAL HEART, Felix Turner,  from 8th June 2012 to 29th July 2012 at Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater, Washington, DC

2012 – 8 “The Play”, himself in a reading, 7th October 2012 at A.C.T.’s Geary Theater, 415 Geary Street, San Francisco.

2012 – SAM BENDRIX AT THE BON SOIR, Sam Bendrix, from 24th September 2012 to 10th october 2012 at La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego,  California

2011 – THE NORMAL HEART, Craig Donner and Grady,  from 27th April 2011 to 10th July 2011 at Golden Theatre, New York City, NY

2010 – SAM BENDRIX AT THE BON SOIR, Sam Bendrix, from 1st July 2010 to 3rd July 2010 at Powerhouse Theatre at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

2009THE JAZZ AGE, F. Scott Fitzgerald, from 7th February 2009 to 29th March 2009 at The Blank Theatre Company, Hollywood

2006 – 2007THE BUSY WORLD IS HUSHED, Thomas, from 27th May 2006 to 9th July 2006 Playwrights Horizon, New York and from 7th February 2007 to 11th February 2007 at Skirball Center, Los Angeles

2004 WHERE DO WE LIVE?, Stephen, from 11th May 2004 to 30th May 2004 at Vineyard Theatre, New York

2003JUVENILIA, Brodie Chase, from 14th November 2003 to 21st December 2003 at Playwrights Horizon, New York

While attending Juilliard, Luke also starred in The King Stag, Sir Patient Fancy, Romeo & Juliet, Richard III, The School of Night, Blue Window, The Grapes of Warth, and As You Like It.



2003 – Seal “LOVE’S DIVINE”: Luke was in the music video portraying a man chasing after a girl in a taxi during the second verse. He eventually stops the taxi and gets in. They look deep into each others eyes and the taxi drives off.



2005 – OVER THERE soundtrack, song “Howl” (writer and performer) in episode 1×13 “Follow the Money”

FELLOW NAMELESS – Luke was the lead singer and a songwriter for the band, Fellow Nameless, which began in his 8th grade along with some of his classmates at Lester B. Pearson School for the Performing Arts under the name of Slipnaught, a name they randomly chose from a dictionary because they did not have a name for the band when it came time to perform on stage. Fellow Nameless came from Slipnaught mainly because the band members hated the original name, and so, Fellow Nameless was born at London Central Secondary School. Fellow Nameless has produced one underground album, which was a half-studio, half-live CD album, and they recorded an additional ten songs that never got put out including three songs that were recorded for a development deal with Maverick Records. They played a showcase for Danny Strick A&R of Maverick Records and in the end got passed over.

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Updated on: 2nd November 2022

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