‘Killjoys’ Season 3 premiere spoilers: D’avin and Dutch search for a special weapon to bring out the Hullen in ‘Boondoggie’ [VIDEO]


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Cast member Luke Macfarlane speaks at a panel for the television series “Killjoys” during a NBC summer press day in Pasadena, California April 2, 2015. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

The “Killjoys” cast including Luke Macfarlane as D’avin Jaqobis, Hannah John-Kamen as Yalena “Yala” Yardeen aka Dutch/Aneela and Aaron Ashmore as John Andras “Johnny” Jaqobis, will have a new episode titled “Boondoggie,” which is the show’s Season 3 premiere episode. It airs on Syfy on Friday, June 30. It will feature D’avin and Dutch’s search for a special weapon. Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler alert: This update contains more ‘Killjoys’ spoilers. Read on only if you want to know more about what happens in ‘Boondoggie.’

According to a press release from Syfy, D’avin and Dutch will be searching for a weapon that can draw out the Hullen. They will be aided by a black market dealer. Meanwhile, Johnny will receive a distress signal from Clara (Stephanie Leonidas). This will lead him to enter the Hackmods’ underground world.

‘Boondoggie’ guest stars

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists Morgan Kelly (Alvis Akari), Tamsen McDonough (Lucy), Thom Allison (Pree) and Sean Baek (Fancy Lee) as guest stars in this episode. They will be joined by Patrick Garrow (Turin), Atticus Mitchell (Pippin), Karen LeBlanc (Banyon Grey) and Tommie -Amber Pirie (Ollie). “Boondoggie” was directed by Stefan Pleszczynski.

‘Killjoys’ Season 3 Finale recap

The episode before “Boondoggie” was the “Killjoys” Season 3 Finale episode titled “How to Kill Friends and Influence People,” which aired on Sept. 2, 2016. It was directed by Peter Stebbings and written by Jeremy Boxen and Michelle Lovretta.

It showed a flashback of Khlyen (Rob Stewart) as a scientist who thought plasma was a super-fertilizer that can be used for growing food. Unfortunately, it woke up an ancient darkness in Aneela.

Eventually, Khlyen told the team about the plasma’s sentience. It’s called the Hullen once it bonds with a human. Khlyen was also able to develop a toxin that can kill the plasma and its source. They also must kill a unique tree. Khlyen ended up sacrificing himself to kill the tree.

It turns out Aneela is the leader of the Hullen and that they must take over the Quad to fulfill an old arrangement with the original Nine. As for Johnny, he was informed that Pawter (Sarah Power) was already dead. He also shot Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen). Plus, Fancy (Sean Baek) was turned back into a human.

‘Killjoys’ episodes

The episodes after “Boondoggie” are “A Skinner, Darkly” (air date: July 7), “The Hullen Have Eyes” (air date: July 14), “The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord” (air date: July 21), “Attack the Rack” (air date: July 28) and “Bug in an Elevator” (air date: Aug. 4). After these, the episodes titled “The Wolf You Feed,” “Heist, Heist Baby,” “Reckoning Ball” and “Wargasm” will air next on Syfy.

“Killjoys” airs in Syfy Australia. It also airs in the US on Syfy every Friday at 8/7c.

Watch the “Killjoys” video from its official Facebook (FB) page:

‘Killjoys’: Exclusive Clip Shows the Gang Returns Ready For a Fight


Once again, “Killjoys” arrives in the nick of time.

This delightful summer series, which begins its third season June 30, completes one of my favorite 2017 programming blocks. For the next month or two, Friday nights on Syfy will consist of “Killjoys,” followed by “Dark Matter” and “Wynonna Earp.” All three are enjoyable in their own ways (check out my recent enthusiastic recommendation for all things “Earp”), and together they supply a whole lot of quip-intensive, well-crafted genre fun.

“Killjoys” tells the story of bounty hunters in a distant galaxy, and if you are my kind of person, in order to check it out, all you need to hear is this phrase: space bounty hunters.

Lucky for us, “Killjoys,” which is a co-production with Canada’s SPACE, uses that premise to create believable worlds, give shading to solid characters and nuanced relationships, and tell smart stories that touch on matters of politics, culture, co-existence, and love. As I wrote in my intro-level appreciation of the show last year, “‘Killjoys’ has flirtatious banter, a spaceship run by a tartly intelligent AI, a politically active religious order, ‘Orphan Black’-style meditations on extreme body modifications, simmering romances, a charismatic bartender, a mysterious order called ‘Level Six’ and explosions on alien worlds. Seriously, do I need to go on?” 

The fizzy (and dangerous) fun continues this year, as the trio at the core of the show — John (Aaron Ashmore), Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), and D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) — leave the sidelines and take sides as their corner of the galaxy hovers “on the brink of a bloody, multi-planetary class war,” according to the show’s press notes.

As the season gets underway, John gets an S.O.S. from the gang’s new friend, Clara, and that leads him into an underground world of tech-savvy “hackmods,” and Dutch and Davin also have to find someone to temporarily replace John on their ship, Lucy. Dutch and D’avin also persuade a shady black-market dealer to help them.

Well, persuade might be the wrong verb for what transpires in the clip below. There’s punching. So much punching.

“Killjoys” season three arrives 8 p.m. Friday, June 30 on Syfy. 

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Nuevo tráiler y posters de la tercera temporada de ‘Killjoys’


La serie de Syfy, Killjoys ha lanzado un nuevo tráiler junto con una serie de posters para su tercera temporada ante su regreso a finales de mes.

La segunda temporada acabó con Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) haciendo un llamamiento a la guerra para vengar las muertes de Khlyen y Pawter, y con Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) acompañado por Clara (Stephanie Leonidas) siendo incapaz de contarle a Dutch y su hermano D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane) que él mató a Delle Seyah.

La tercera temporada promete seguir la historia de la hija de Khylen en su primer encuentro con Dutch y a Johnny tratando de superar lo que hizo para unirse de nuevo a D’Avin y Dutch para tratar de salvar el mundo.

La tercera temporada de Killjoys se estrena el 30 de junio.

Killjoys Saison 3 nous invite à joindre le combat dans son teaser


Syfy nous a récemment révélé son programme estival, parmi lequel on retrouve bien évidemment la troisième saison de Killjoys. Nous sommes maintenant à moins de deux mois de son lancement et la chaine canadienne Space (qui diffuse la série) commence ainsi la promotion avec un teaser.

La création de Michelle Lovretta nous propose 10 nouveaux épisodes où notre trio phare va devoir se construire une armée pour mieux faire face à Aneela qui compte bien obtenir vengeance.

Les premières images nous annoncent ainsi plus qu’une bataille, mais une guerre où les chasseurs de primes ne vont pas pouvoir conserver leur position neutre.

Hannah John-Kamen (Dutch), Aaron Ashmore (John Jaqobis) et Luke Macfarlane (D’Avin) sont bien évidemment de retour dans ces nouveaux épisodes de Killjoys, comme Thom Allison (Pree), Sean Baek (Fancy) et Patrick Garrow (officer Turin).

La distribution de la série est alors complétée par Kelly McCormack (Motive) dans la peau de Banyon, un membre officiel et haut placé du RAC ; Ted Atherton (The Expanse) qui incarne Gander, un lieutenant sous les ordres d’Aneela ; et Prince Amponsah (The Entertainer) qui joue Havigan, le propriétaire respecté d’un bar pour hack-mod (personne modifiée avec des implants cybernétiques).

La saison 3 de Killjoys commence le 9 juin 2017 sur Syfy. En attendant les nouveaux épisodes, vous pouvez redécouvrir la première saison qui est disponible en DVD/Blu-ray.

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[VIDEO] On set with the stars of “Killjoys”

button_enNew video interview from the set of “Killjoys” by Gate Magazine.

button_spNueva vídeo entrevista en el set de “Killjoys” por Gate Magazine.

button_itNuova video intervisto sul set di “Killjoys” di Gate Magazine.

button_frNouvelle vidéo interview dans l’ensemble de “Killjoys” par Gate Magazine.

Tube Watch: Killjoys – Wild, Wild Westerley



After getting D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane) officially sworn back in as a member of the team, the Killjoys take a bounty allowing them entry back into the guaranteed Old Town and search for their missing friends. Their job, to hunt down eight escaped convicts, becomes easier will almost all of them turn up dead by an unusual biological weapon. Discovering their leader has another tank full of the gas with plans to use it, however, presents some problems.

While not quite as fun as the season premiere, “Wild, Wild Westerley” certainly provides its moments such as the running gag concerning the man (Gavin Fox) who momentarily took over the bar in Pree‘s (Thom Allison) absence getting his ass handed to him on three successive occasions by Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), Pawter (Sarah Power), and Pree. While Pree and Pawter decide to stay, Dutch and John (Aaron Ashmore) do get a new travelling companion in Alvis (Morgan Kelly) and an unexpected ally in Turin (Patrick Garrow) who has serious concerns about Level 6 and where the RAC is headed.

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Killjoys’ Aaron Ashmore & Luke Macfarlane Talk New Big Bads & Uneasy Alliances


Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited
Steve Wilkie/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited

On last week’s episode of Killjoys our favorite space bounty hunting trio finally made their way back to Old Town. They found about what you’d expect from a town that was recently bombed, but there were some surprises for the team, notably a new big bad named Liam Jelco (Pascal Langdale). The Company officer looks like he’s ready to cause all kinds of problems for the Killjoys and Pawter (Sarah Power), the good doctor who actually was left behind at Jelco’s compound. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, the trio also found themselves in a reluctant alliance with the very much not dead Turin (Patrick Garrow) to get to the bottom of the corruption in the RAC .

How will that alliance go given the team’s somewhat contentious relationship with Turin? Just how worried should we be about Jelco and what he has planned for the Westerlyns? In part two of our exclusive interview with Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane, the men behind the Jaqobis brothers, give us some of those answers. Ashmore also discusses some upcoming complications that could get between John and Pawter’s burgeoning relationship.

The TV Junkies: At the end of the second episode we learn that you guys are going to work with Turin to take down the RAC? What’s that involve and can we really trust him?

Aaron Ashmore: Turin, and Patrick who plays him, are so good that you just love to hate him because he’s such a jerk, but he is trustworthy. We start to realize that and work with him in certain ways.

Luke Macfarlane: Turin is one of those really funny characters where we were all like ‘there’s something up with you! You’re suspicious!’ So as characters we all love to ride him and make fun of him all the time, but we’ll discover that ultimately he’s very useful and actually quite loyal and friendly to us.

TTVJ: In Episode 2 we’re introduced to another big bad in Liam Jelco. Besides being the “dickiest dick who’s ever dicked,” what can you tell us about Jelco and how the team will butt heads with him this season?

AA: He’s probably one of the most interesting new characters we get to see on the show. Again, like many of the characters you don’t exactly know where he’s coming from–how good, how bad, how impartial. I think the actor Pascal who plays him does a fantastic job because by the end of Episode 2, when we’re in his office, he almost has this light air to him, but by the end we see him flip over to be incredibly dark and incredibly bad. People are going to really love to hate this character. He’s a great new bad guy.

LM: And such a fantastic actor! Really wonderful.

AA: But in real life he’s such a gentleman and nice guy. I just had a baby and he came by and dropped off spaghetti sauce and pasta. He’s genuinely a nice guy, but boy can he play a jerk!

LM: He is not nice to the people of Old Town!

Syfy/Bell Media
Syfy/Bell Media

TTVJ: John and Pawter seem to be getting closer and closer. Will that continue and will her family cause any complications for them?

AA: Yes. That’s what the Nine do right? The Nine are constantly causing complications. In this world they are the wealthy ones and have all the power, and much like real life, are the ones causing most of the issues. We do get to see more of Pawter and her backstory. We learned at the end of Season 1 that she’s a pretty, pretty princess and one of the Nine. We see those dynamics of her interacting with her family and see a little bit more about the Nine as well. So far we’ve only scratched the surface with Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen), but we get to see a whole other side of the Nine and a whole other family, which is Pawter’s family.

TTVJ: One of the things that’s fun in Season 2 is we start to explore more of the other characters and their backstories as you said. Have there been any revelations about anyone that really surprised you?

AA: Thom’s [Allison, Pree] stuff in the first couple of episodes is fantastic. We get to see his darker, more dangerous side, which who knew existed? We get to see more of Pawter and her backstory, but also more of Alvis (Morgan Kelly) which is really interesting. One of the things I really enjoyed about the first season, and found very intriguing, was the religious aspect of what was happening in the Quad and we get to explore that more through Alvis. I think people will really enjoy that.

What do you think of the alliance with Turin and what kind of trouble will Jelco cause? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below! Be sure to check out Part 1 of our interview with Ashmore and Macfarlane.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9p.m. ET on Syfy and Space Channel.

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Killjoy V Killjoy: Aaron Ashmore Interviews Luke Macfarlane



Fridays 9e 6p

At the end of the first season of Killjoys, it looked like the band might be breaking up as their newest member, D’avin, was banished to Arkyn before he could even send his bounty hunting pals so much as a text message. The plot twist alarmed actor Luke Macfarlane, who wondered if his character might be about to get killed off the show. Luckily, rescue awaited him, but not before D’av was subjected to green goo-filled spa days—an immersion therapy made all the more relaxing with a crew of camera guys watching. If you want to hear more of Macfarlane’s take on the second season of Killjoys (including how to play the newly invented Killjoys drinking game) check out this Killjoy v Killjoy clip in which he’s interviewed by co-star Aaron Ashmore.

Killjoy V Killjoy: Aaron Ashmore Interviews Luke Macfarlane

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[VIDEO] “Killjoys” season 2 episodes 1 and 2

button_enNew videos about Luke in the second season of “Killjoys”.

button_spNuevos vídeos sobre Luke en la segunda temporada de “Killjoys”.

button_itNuovi articoli su Luke nella seconda stagione di “Killjoys”.

button_frNouveaux vidéos sur Luke dans la deuxième saison de “Killjoys”.

Episode 2×01 “Dutch and the Real Girl”

Episode 2×02 “Wild, Wild Westerley”

Watch The New Credits Sequence For Killjoys (And Meet The Guy Behind It)



Returns July 1

The new season of Killjoys comes with something extra cool: a fresh opening sequence by a team of animators from Toronto’s Cuppa Coffee Studios. We spoke to the studio’s Creative Director Chris Morris about how the new opener was made and what inspired the unique animation style—oh, and we’re going to let you see it, too.

Space: The new opening shows the Killjoys looking like a hybrid of comic book illustration and rotoscoped animation. What inspired that aesthetic?

Chris Morris: An illustrator I really admire is Wedha Abdul Rahid from Indonesia. His flamboyant and lifelike technique is know as WPAP, or Wedha Pop Art Portrait. When considering the rich, jewel-toned color palette of Killjoys and the strong personalities of the main characters, I thought that WPAP would be an exciting way to showcase all the show has to offer in a slightly unexpected way. At the very beginning of this project, I spent a few days playing with different visual styles but when I showed [Cuppa Coffee] Executive Producer Adam Shaheen my first WPAP portrait of Dutch, we both knew we were onto something special because the illustration was so intense, unique, and lifelike at the same time. And the idea of animating a whole opening sequence and recreating the Killjoys world like this got us fired up.


Can you tell us about the process that went into making the new opening sequence? How long does it take you to do this kind of animation?

The whole process was about two months from beginning to delivery. Luckily, the production and editing team on Killjoys did a lot of heavy lifting for us with pulling hundreds of images from the show for rotoscoping. Many thanks to Ferran Banchs for all his work finding us great images from the show!  With a selection of our favourite images, I assembled an animated edit to visualize how the images move from one to the next and to work out how many images we can actually see in 15 seconds. This was an important part of the process because the edit sets the pacing, mood, and crafts the story for the whole sequence.

With our key images selected, my illustrators came on board. Erik Blohm-Gagne and Kelsey Ryan worked diligently for two weeks to create all the illustrations of The Quad, Lucy, and our main characters. It took about a day to create each image in Illustrator. It’s a interesting process, part tracing, part freehand drawing and the illustrators are making critical colour choices with each stroke. I think the effort is truly worth it because the characters come across so powerfully.


What came first, the art for the new sequence or the music, “Happy Damage” by Jacuzzi Boys? Did one influence the other?

The visuals were crafted first.  I had a rhythm in my mind throughout the process but I really let the visuals and the flow of the camera drive the sequence. When we completed the visuals, the production team worked hard to come up with a great music track as kick-ass as our animation. The effort that went into music really paid off and I think it feels like they were made together.

We love your version of the ship, Lucy. What was your favourite Killjoys character to recreate?

I think our portrait of Lucy captures the high-tech vibe that we were after but it also has the crazy explosion of colour I was inspired by and I’m very proud of it. All of the characters translated really well on screen. D’avin comes across as tough with attitude—I love his smirk at the beginning of the sequence. Dutch appears beautiful and dangerous. Her hug with John is my favourite shot in the sequence. I have to say, John was my favorite character to create. I think it’s his eyes. John’s eyes are so intense in every shot and his face really translated well to our illustration style. I guess credit should go to Aaron Ashmore for being so photogenic but I still have difficulty thinking about the actors behind the roles because the characters in this show are so strong.

Check out the new opening credits sequence for Killjoys Season 2 below. And remember, the show returns to Space July 1 at 9e 6p, followed by all-new episodes of Dark Matter.

Watch The New Credits Sequence For Killjoys (And Meet The Guy Behind It)

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